Besides impermanence, unsatisfactoriness(suffering) is an important characteristics of all the external fenomena.

Since birth we learn grasping and attachment to things, believing that we exist as a self entity and whatever we possess really belongs to us. While doing meditation we face just opposite conditions which is it’s noble truth.

In our day to day life we wish to get rid of the unpleasent conditions rather than observe and contemplate. It is required that we look and understand the true nature of these unsatisfactory conditions by knowing it’s causes, cessation and the path to be practiced for cessation.

We generally face following four situations:-

1.We possess some thing of our liking and wish to caught hold of it permanently.

2.We possess some thing, which we dislike and wish to get rid of it.

3.We wish to acquire some thing, which we do not have, but are unsuccessful to do so.

4.Some thing which we dislike is being awarded/given to us but we wish to keep that away.

These desires of craving or aversion causes suffering and follow us as a shadow since birth till death.

By birth we generally mean to say that a breathing body have come into existence. Similarly by death we asume for a non breathing corpse.

For a true understanding of unsatisfactoriness we must know the arising and cessation of our mental feelings and perceptions from moment to moment. The root cause of all the suffering are these arising (birth) and cessation ( death).

As soon as we see, hear, touch, taste ot think some thing displeasing, the unsatisfactoriness(suffering) takes birth. The arising of these mental states are the begining of suffering and the cessation is it’s end.

Due to ignorance we assume the cessation of unsatisfactory conditions as happiness but actually it is only the end of suffering. Arising of any unfavourable, unpleasent and disliked mental feeling or perception is the cause for the birth of suffering and the cessation of these conditions is it’s end.


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