Now a days there are various types of meditation practices. Some of them prefer attainment of enlightenment, while some other aspire for gaining of some sort of super power (siddhi). These catagorisations have made human mind a little bit confused and meditation a hard and complex technic. Whereas the meditation in reality is a very simple which may be practiced while doing our daily activities.

Ignorantly we have separated meditation from our day to day activities. We have established a wrong notion in our mental thought process about medition that it can be practiced either at retreats or at some other peace full places like caves in forests or mountains. But it is not so.

Though going to retreats etc have good effects for development of concentration and mindfulness. But actually meditation is a 24 x 7 practice.

The meditator shall acomplish all of his day to day activities with full awareness, without evaluation of any kind, remaining in present from moment to moment.

Our emphasis shall be on the facts that the current situation or conditions are like this as the conditions may be favourable or unfavourable. Besides these are beyond our control so creation of any stress in our mind about them is a seer futile exercise, which only takes away peace of mind.

Once our mental feelings and perceptions starts accepting the conditions ‘ as the way it is’ a major problem of unstisfactoriness will certainly wiped out.

We shall divert our mental feelings, perceptions and thought process a little bit towards the development of wisdom by acomplishing every bit of our tasks with mindfulness and awareness.

While doing so we ought to keep ourselves aloof from attachment to desires.


6 thoughts on “MY LIFE-MEDITATION (GOAL)

  1. Great post my friend,

    you are doing a great job on your blog. Your explanations about mediation are great


    1. It’s my humble request to all of us, including myself, to start practice and proceed ahead towards attainment of mental peace in avery situation. Thanks a lot for your generous commentsm

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  2. You have really expanded my knowledge regrading meditation. It is simple and profound.


    1. In reality meditation is very much simple. I am too trying to understand from the eleborate explainations by legend AJAHN CHAH, AJAHN SUMEDHO, AJAHN AMARO, EKHART ToLLEY AND THIKH NAT HANN and a little bit practice.


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