Thanks a lot akankshaagr
(LOVE & DESTINY) for nominating my blog for LIEBSTER AWARD. Also it is not out of place to be thankful to all the followers of my blog posts for their love, support & appreciation, whithout which it was not possible for me to attain this level.with great pleasure, I request all of the fellow blog writers to go through the blog LOVE & DESTINY and read the posts.
I do agree with the unfortunate conditions, for female child, narrated by akankshaagr in the following lines:-
” A girl who is a mother, daughter, wife, beloved, mentor, sister, becomes the victim of lusty wolves.”
It is really unfortunate. All of us must give full love & affection to our daughters unconditionally.
Thanking, all of you, once again I am trying to attempt the answers of the questions:-
Q1. Write a poem on daughter.
A1. POEM:-

We shall never differentiate between our sons and daughters.
Try to give her good education to be self dependent & star like brighter.
To face any onslaught, train her to be physically & mentally fit and good fighter.
We shall never differentiate between our sons & daughter.
Q2.which book do you like the most?
A2. I like BHAGWAT GEETA, the the most.
Q3. Which hill station will be your first choice?
A3. Leh & Laddakh hill station will be my first choice.
Q4.write about your mother in two lines.
A4. My mother’s age is 95 years. She is my iconic Role Model.
Q5.which movie did you watched last.
A5. The last movie which I watched was ‘ Toilet A Premkatha’.
Q6.Which is your favourite actor.
A6. Amitabh Bachhan is my favourite actor.
Q7. Do you believe in charity?
A7. Yes I believe in charity done without any publicity.
Q8.Is the love friendship?
A8. Yes.
Q9. Give reasons four your above answer. love, in friendship a friend never demands a favour.
Q10. What’s your favourite gnre for writing.
A10. Social issues & Meditation.
Q11.Do you believe that there is a Divine Power which controls our actions?
A11. We ourselves are part & parcel of divine power. By undertaking our activities with mindfulness & wisdom we would always do good actions and refrain from evil activities.

With immense pleasure I am nominating the following 11 friends:-

1. Swatii Chandak.

2. Parul Rao.

3. Madhusudan

4. Toniroberts.

5.Prakashvir Sharma.

6. rani jain

7. Ma Beautility.

8. nvsubaraman.

9. Akhila.

10.Ben Aquiba.

11.Vimla Vilson Mehta.

Now going out of tradition of asking questions to nominees, I request all of you to follow & spread these 11 messages throughout the world:-

1. We would abstaion from any kind of discrimination.

2. We would follow moral percepts.

3. We would love all the creatures.

4. We would try our best for the conservation of Natural Resources and environment.

5. We would impart education to the deprived persons.

6. We would do charity as far as possible.

7. We would treat both sons & daughters equally.

8. We would abstain from writing derogatory posts.

9. We would try our best for cleanliness of our surroundings and public places.

10.We would try our best in following the golden rule:-


11.We wouls refrain from undertaking activities harmful to fellow citizens.

I am sure all of you would appreciate and like my above nontraditional attempt.

Now I request my all the nominee friends to nominate 11 friends each, for the award.

Thank you all once again.



  1. Congratulations 🎉👍

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  2. Congratulations 🙂

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  3. Many congrats

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  4. Congratulations!! You deserve it🎉🎉

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  5. Congrats you totally deserve it!

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  6. Congrats 💐💐
    Thanks for nominating me!

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  7. Congratulations! And nice answers!

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